Supporting communities badly affected by London-based mining companies


What we do

We hold London-based mining companies to account by working closely with mining-affected communities. We conduct research on mining and alternatives, and are working to make issues of extractivism more relevant through education, outreach and events.


We work with mining-affected communities throughout the year by organising community visits, lobbying parliamentarians, holding protests and through ongoing working groups.


Read our reports on tailings dams and the environmental and social devastation that mining companies leave behind. Find out about our upcoming work on just transition.


We work with people of all ages. Our current project focuses on the human and environmental impact of smart phones. Get involved with our 2019 school witness project.

Get informed

Interested in the role of London in the extractive industry? Confused about the LSE, AIM and other pesky acronyms? Read our handy guides. And keep updated with our work and that of our network member groups through our monthly newsletter.